Government Sectors

With our vast Government Services and cross-sector experience, Connexions Federal Services brings insight to client projects, addressing sustainable competitive advantage, regulatory compliance, and the pressures placed by consumers, customers, and markets. Read on to learn more about how CFS can help you get results, no matter the mission.

Aerospace and Defense

Connexions Federal Services assists some of the largest aerospace manufacturers, defense contractors and suppliers navigate the ever-changing digital landscape. With experience in decreasing margin pressure in defense and commercial programs, managing complexity related to program duration, and capturing Big Data opportunities, CFS can enhance your ability to deliver quality customer experiences and achieve results.

Federal Civilian

Federal civilian agencies serve our nation by providing accessible and trusted services that inspire the people to thrive. Even as technology brings new opportunities, most agencies still face a reality that includes the need to modernize legacy technology that are still used today. Connexions Federal Services can facilitate the integration of Modernized IT operations through creating complete operational transparency, thereby improving flexibility and effectiveness in all areas of the of public service.

State, Local, & Education (SLED)

With over a decade serving the public sector Connexions Federal Services helps customers navigate complex technology projects. Our expertise within K12 and Higher Education as well as State and Local agencies ensures a successful engagement from early planning through execution.

As SLED market experts, CFS understands the processes that drive public sector projects and can help you balance the demand for improved IT services against strict budget constraints. We focus on the cost-effective application of technology and enterprise planning for organizations of all sizes with a commitment to complete client satisfaction.

Public Utility

Creating a product and getting to market is hard, but building an effective prototype is harder. Your customers expect products that will work, and demand effective after-market support. Insights gained throughout the product and customer lifecycle can teach us how to improve. With our approach to simplification and our cross-industry experience, we can help reduce complexity and improve profitability.

Connexions Federal Services supports water, gas, and electric utilities by providing trained IT Operations, Field Technicians, Engineers, and other personnel, on-demand and as needed. In an industry pivoting to outsourcing, CFS personnel can tackle major workloads without permanently increasing overhead and deliver efficient solutions.

Life Sciences & Public Health

Pharmaceutical manufacturers, distributors and biomedical device manufacturers have an obligation to adhere to stringent regulations. Because of these regulations, it’s harder than ever to manage costs and reach client expectations. Connexions can help you validate your processes with the FDA and simplify them where it counts.

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